FREE.D, Mik Kartl – Digital Pope [Official Video]

Music is the power. “Power to the People.” Digital Pope EP was inspired by The Young Pope series. The power of words goes together with the house music energy. “What has a bigger touch?” – the attempt to answer. Hidden Vibes family unites again for the melodic and technically advanced release – multilayers of basslines, analog synths and for sure live piano session – very close to our philosophy. The energized rollin’ sound we like to spread around the world.

In the times when people are loosing interest to their real life due to the modern mode of online consumption the importance of personality and the possibility of individual choice is dramatically falling. People are wandering through the jungle loosing the connection to their natural way of living. And in this times totally exhausted people raise their heads to the sky looking for the supreme power, the God, to answer their questions. It’s important to know in these moment that you are not alone and you could ask for a help. So what could unite people? What have we forgotten? The possible answer is Music that unites people without any limitations and borders as a power of God. Music is the Power. Power to the people.

Mik Kartl (

Released (music&video) on Hidden Vibes in 2017.

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