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Decatur, Alabama also known as “The Heart of the Valley” affectionately has a reputation of being a charming city, Birthplace of many iconic musical influences such as Nat King Cole. Alabama is a place historically known for its deep roots in blues later evolving to what we now know as R&B.

Influenced by its deep rhythm and blues culture while also being inspired by Hip Hop icons such as Lil Wayne, Brandon “BMO” Moseley started to develop an artistic medium; merging the elements he cherished the most from both genres. BMO’s signature sound was created as he used music initially as a coping mechanism during a very troubling time of his life.

“Creating music is a very personal experience for me, I don’t write anything down. I just connect and speak from the heart my truths rather good or bad,’ Brandon Moseley affirms. “I just started trying to find a creative way to express myself where it would touch the heart. I was inspired by Wayne, Drake, & Chris Brown. I remember hearing Chris Brown’s hook on that Make A Movie record and I was fascinated by the sound of it. His pitch and cadence stuck with me because it was so close to my natural voice. I just kind of took it and ran with it but it’s still my own interpretation. I love the process of creating melodies and connecting with people sonically, when I’m doing that on a record I am in my rawest form.”

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