J-Enigma – Next Level World Anthem

“Next Level World Anthem” by J- Enigma


In a world where the music market is so heavily saturated, an artist must go above and beyond to make a statement. The artist J-Enigma is looking to do so by combining art, music, and fashion into his work. On the music scene for 7 years, J-Enigma initially struggled to produce new albums each year and build upon his work. This changed when his father, a graphic artist, encouraged J-Enigma to express his art through a different media, like fashion.
Four years later, the two have created a unique brand that embellishes fashion with art by creating their fabric from scratch and matching artwork to cuts in order to make every garment a unique work of art. Throughout the process J-Enigma has written his music to go along with the outfits. This song, “Next Level World Anthem” describes the struggle and determination it takes to push such a unique concept this far.
Currently, J-Enigma is focusing on releasing his latest album “Black Gold” which talks about the evil associated with money and business, as well as the influence of money on the music industry.


For more J-Enigma,
Check out his website: www.jenigmaworld.com
Get the clothes from this video: www.nextlevelworld.com
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